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Current Setup:

My current Lab Setup consists of the following components:
Compute / VSAN:
3x Dell PowerEdge R230 ( Xeon 1260L @ 2,9Ghz| 32GB RAM | 500GB HDD | 256GB NVMe | Hybrid VSAN)
1x HP Proliant DL120 G7 ( Xeon 1230 @ 3.1 Ghz | 16 GB RAM | 250GB SSD | 120GB NVMe | remaining from old lab) – will be replaced in the near future
The 3 Dell Servers provide the Compute and form a 3 Node VSAN Hybrid Cluster, in Addition they are also consuming iSCSI LUNs from the QNAP. This enables me to run the Services I rely on (vCenter, Ubiquiti Network Controller, Backup, vROPS) from the same Hosts that provide the Compute for the Lab itself.
4x Raspberry Pi 4 Model B 4GB RAM (Rackmounted)
1x Fortinet Fortigate 50E
2x Ubiquiti UniFi US24
Besides the security part the Fortigate also provides DHCP and DNS for all Network segments. The Ubiquiti Switches are very feature rich and easy to manage via the Controller which is in my case a Linux VM running the Controller Software.
Storage / Backup:
QNAP TS-459 Pro + (4x 1 TB RAID10) (remaining from old lab)
Nakivo Backup & Replication Enterprise
Storage is as vital for any virtual environment as the Compute. Since I cannot fully rely on vSAN for all Services that I need to provide, I chose to utilize the QNAP NAS from my previous Lab.
The QNAP is a 4 Bay unit, so it only made sense to set it up as RAID 10 (RAID5+ requires at least 8+ HDDs in my opinion)
VMware VMUG Advantage + EVAL Experience
Atlassian Confluence
Atlassian Bitbucket  GitHub
I’m a huge fan of VMware´s EVAL Experience Programm, you get access to almost all Products for a tiny fee so this was a no-brainer . Same is for the RHEL developer Subscription, which is free btw, and there is nothing better than getting access to enterprise grade software for little to no money.
For my documentations I use Confluence as a hosted Service, same goes for GitHub as a Code Repo. Main reason therefore is, its hosted so I don’t have to care and its accessible from anywhere. So as long as some Nutjob doesn’t nuke the planet I should be fine on that front.
Linkbasic 15U Rack
Linkbasic Cablemanagement
Equip PDU
Custom 3d Printed Rackmount Caddys for the Raspberry Pi
I’m a great fan of 19” Equipment. Why? Because there is only one way to keep your Hardware, and that is in a Rack with tidy cabling!
If you do otherwise, you will go to hell for it, trust me 😉