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Yesterday I came across something i not (yet) fully understand while fiddling around with Ansible in my lab.

I was able to run playbooks against my ESXi Hosts and one of my VCSA´s, no problem. Was also able to run a simple Ansible “ping” against my ESXi Host without any issues.

But was not able to run “ping” against the VCSA, but why?

I took a look the the error message

msg”: “failed to transfer file to /root/.ansible/tmp/ansible-local-20787_n0E2q/tmp2ZmfOm Unknown command: `/bin/sh’/\n\nUnknown command: `scp’\n”

…and I remembered there was some KB in the back of my head that somehow linked to similar issue with WinSCP and the VCSA

Long story short, the workaround was quite simple ssh into the VCSA:

  • shell.set –enable True
  • shell
  • chsh -s /bin/bash root

and your´re good to go.

Checked the Ansible Documentation, turns out, “ping” ain´t ping 😉

This is NOT ICMP ping, this is just a trivial test module that requires Python on the remote-node

I´ll update this post as I figure out the rest as I go along