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with the release of vSphere 7 on the 2nd of April it was time to upgrade the Lab. That said, I deployed a new VCSA. Why a new one you will ask? Well because the old VCSA had some milage and all the settings have been automated over time so why bother treating it as a pet, redeploy -> migrate -> shoot the old one!

After migrating the VSAN enabled hosts – including their payload over to the new VCSA – it was time to finally upgrade them. When applying the Baseline and scanning the hosts, they were showing up as Incompatible.

So why does this happen? If you use a Vendor specific image there will be additional VIBs on the provided image which might be conflicting at some point in time.

Pasted Graphic.png

Fixing it is pretty straight forward. Basically all you need is SSH access to the Host(s) to issue some esxcli commands. Log in to the host and…

esxcli software vib list | grep  QLC

…to list all the VIBs containing “QLC”. If you don’t limit your search, you’ll end up with the entire list of installed VIBs – very informative for sure, but also a motherload of unuseful information at this time. So limit your search with a keyword or an identifier that narrows it down to the information you need.

Pasted Graphic 5.tiff

Okay, so now we have a list that we can match against, it’s time to remove the conflicting VIBs:

esxcli software vib remove -n #your vib name#